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Some icons for you! A big THANK YOU goes to seinen_no and tschoenni for the wonderful pictures they took during Mera Luna! ^___^
And sorry...again just 1 icon from Kaoru and no Shinya! ^^''


10 x Die
5 x Toshiya
3 x Kyo
1 x Kaoru

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Comment, CREDIT, don't claim them as yours, share, textless icons are NO bases!
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Sam und Dean Snake


I need new buttons for my homepage DIE HARD ( and lately I'm not that creative and I'm not good in button making! *lol*
Anyway... is the deal!

Please do me some buttons for my page (check should know for which page you do it but I'm sure you all know my homepages...*gg* ^_~)

Size: 88x31 pxl / 100x35 pxl
You can animate them or not. That doesn't matter. You can write my url on it or not but it should include the name of my homepage.


(it's ugly...I know >__>)

But you don't need to do this for free!
You can win one from six real Die Button for your bag, clothes, whatever you want to put it!
Free Image Hosting at

Please post your works here plus your (working!) email-adress! I will mail you if you won and ask you because of your adress!
All comments are screened!

Last time for commenting is July 31st! ^^

Thank you! ♥
Sam und Dean Snake

Random Icons

2 x Die
7 x Kyo
7 x Toshiya
2 x Shinya

(sorry no Kaoru ;_;)


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jrockchick -
Official Homepage
Mesa Boogie
I will post no original pictures in this post so please check the links for the originals! Thank you!

Comment, CREDIT, don't claim them as yours, share
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