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Dead Music

Setz mir die Dornenkrone auf und schließe deine Lider

Dead Music



It´s me...joyceandou.
This is my graphics journal.It contains mostly jrock icons but also graphic stuff that spread from my mind.
All graphics are for free but please read and respect my rules. Thanks!

>> TAGS <<

Dir en grey
Mood Theme
Game Avatars

>> RULES: <<

* Credit in keywords
* Don't claim as yours
* Textless icon=no base
* Don't hotlink
* Comments are love
* Enjoy! \^^/

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Setz mir die Dornenkrone auf und schließe deine Lider

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Sam und Dean Snake
Some new avatars for you!

7 x Kyo



Type 3 Media
Revent Media
I will post no original pictures in this post so please check the links for the originals! Thank you!

Comment, CREDIT, don't claim them as yours, share
Feel free to friend this journal
  • >___< i love all icons but... i want the second one!! can i use it?!! it's completly sexy *_* And can you share the photo of this icon? the second? please!
  • Oh Jesus, I have to agree about Number 2. Loves~
  • saved them all to my computer, will credit! Very nice icons.
  • I really like #3. :)
  • Coming Soon!!!!

    Never published, exclusive pic of Dir En Grey for the livejournal community.

    Tell everyone to check http://www.type3media.com

    We will be putting it up this week.

    This is for all you members who have made some amazing icons from our pics and who have been so kind and respectful to us at Type 3.

    Spread the word to all members! :)

    Thank you!
    • Thank you! Will check of course! Amazing icons are just possible with amazing pictures! So thank you so much for sharing this with all of us and being so kind with us crazy graphic girls! :)
      • Are you kidding?
        I am honored that you all take time to do this, and with my photos too! They all look so amazing!
        You all are very talented!

        Thanks again!
        • I think it's great that you see it from that point! In the last few month I was afraid to use new pictures for my works because some photographs would be angry about! ^^''
          And thank you so much for this compliment! ^____^

          And you are welcome! ^^
  • this kyo icons rockz!!!

    wouuuu god!!

    the icons are really beautiful!!!

    ...i took all...really you had a excelent awesome work!! *0*

    all credits for u^^
    • Re: this kyo icons rockz!!!

      Thank you so much and welcome! ^___^
    • Re: this kyo icons rockz!!!

      I saw that you used one of my icons...but please credit, okay?! I saw one of my icons in your userpics and you didn't credit! In case you don't know how it works I took you a screenshot from the page when you upload the icons to your journal:
      Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

      Thank you anyway! ^^
      • Re: this kyo icons rockz!!!

        ahhh oky!!! know i can uderstand this thing (LJ) hehe beacause before i dont undertand nothing u.u

        gomen...all credist now for you^^
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