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Dead Music

Something (little) different...

Dead Music



It´s me...joyceandou.
This is my graphics journal.It contains mostly jrock icons but also graphic stuff that spread from my mind.
All graphics are for free but please read and respect my rules. Thanks!

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* Credit in keywords
* Don't claim as yours
* Textless icon=no base
* Don't hotlink
* Comments are love
* Enjoy! \^^/

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Something (little) different...

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Sam und Dean Snake
I have something nice for you! ^^ This goes in honor to one of my favourite Diru Comic Artist sefie_sama and her great comic journal coral_paralysis. So enjoy the following icons. I prefer that you credit sefie or both of us. As your wish...^^


1 2 3
4 5 6

Comment, CREDIT, don't claim them as yours, share
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  • super coooool *o*
    I was just thinking about changing some of my userpic and thanks to you I don't have to search through lj or making an icon by myself XD (yeah I'm a lazy girl XD)
    so I took the #3 and I credit both of you ^^
    and sefie_sama comics are just so good
    thanks to have made icons with his/her draw ^3^
    *hyper happy*
    • You feel in love with the same icon like me! *lol* I'm glad you like them and thank you! ^____^
      That is true! I love her comics so damn much! ^^
  • (no subject) -
  • aww, I love the first three ones^^ Taking, and will credit both of you.
  • Waaaah, I love them ^o^/

    Sefies comics herrschen 8D
    • Dankeschön! ^^

      Aber sowas von!! ^^

      (Offtopic: Wer is das Kerlchen auf deinem Userpic? oO)
      • MatsuJun <3
        Matsumoto Jun, Mitglied der Boygroup Arashi (Arashi herrscht!!!) und Schauspieler, in diversen Doramas und Filmen. MatsuJun herrscht *_*
        • Ahso...dankeschön...kenn ich net! *gg*
          Und..du bist schon auf? ^^ Die Uni ruft wohl! :-p
          Ich hab Urlaub und bin auf! OO Aber ich bin ja eh komisch! XD
          Ich hoffe, ich seh dich irgendwann mal online...wollt mit dir nochmal reden und so! ^^
          • xDD

            Was heißt schon ^^;
            Hab letzte Nacht (mal wieder ~_~) nur 3 Stunden geschlafen und bin heute (mal wieder XD) ne Viertelstunde oder so zu spät aufgestanden xDD
            Naja, aber losfahren tu ich heute eh erst 8:48 oder so, von daher xDDD

            Aber ich bin ja eh komisch! XD
            Höhö, süß ^^

            Ja klar, irgendwann die Woche oder heute oder so garantiert xD
            Ab heute beginnt ja mein Wochenende schon wieder fast XD;
  • YES! I was wanting an icon of Die+tree XDD Thanks!~
  • so cute ^_^ taking #2 & #4
    will credit you both
  • *rofl*
    The icons are so damn great xDDD
  • (no subject) -
    • *lol* Thank you! I'm really glad that you like them! ^___^

      You should become my official icon maker 8D!

      I try to be! *gg* What a honor! ^___^
  • aww hehe cute xD the die on the tree made me giggle
    • *gg* Thank you! ^^ That was my first thought doing a icon like this after reading sefie's new comic :-p
  • (no subject) -
  • Kawaii, loved the first four ones. Will credit both of you ^^
  • I LOVE 3, 5, 6, & 7. XD Will credit both if I use them. Thank you!!
  • Love all of them but I'm snatching all the Die ones. Great job, will credit! :D
  • Cuuute!
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