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Tutorial #3 we are going from
Image Hosted by to Image Hosted by

- At first choose your image, cut, sharpe, blur the skin and we can go on
- Duplicate Layer and set it to Soft Light 60%
- Make a new layer, zoom in (one or need the eye section), take a little brush (red color) and do the ring in the eye. Set the layer to Overlay 100%
- Make a new fill layer with #96f0fd and set it to Overlay 70%
- Again a new layer, zoom in again and highlight the hair with a light blue on the light parts. Set the layer again to overlay 100% after doing that.
- Make a new fill layer with #09687f and set it to Soft Light 50%
- Copy your base, bring it on top and set it to Soft Light 45%

Add brushes, text or whatever you want and your done! \^^/
Enjoy! ^_^
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