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Dead Music

Tutorial #3

Dead Music



It´s me...joyceandou.
This is my graphics journal.It contains mostly jrock icons but also graphic stuff that spread from my mind.
All graphics are for free but please read and respect my rules. Thanks!

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>> RULES: <<

* Credit in keywords
* Don't claim as yours
* Textless icon=no base
* Don't hotlink
* Comments are love
* Enjoy! \^^/

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Tutorial #3

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Sam und Dean Snake
Okay..today we are going from
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us to Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

- At first choose your image, cut, sharpe, blur the skin and we can go on
- Duplicate Layer and set it to Soft Light 60%
- Make a new layer, zoom in (one or twice...you need the eye section), take a little brush (red color) and do the ring in the eye. Set the layer to Overlay 100%
- Make a new fill layer with #96f0fd and set it to Overlay 70%
- Again a new layer, zoom in again and highlight the hair with a light blue on the light parts. Set the layer again to overlay 100% after doing that.
- Make a new fill layer with #09687f and set it to Soft Light 50%
- Copy your base, bring it on top and set it to Soft Light 45%

Add brushes, text or whatever you want and your done! \^^/
Enjoy! ^_^
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