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My first Tutorial ^_^ first tutorial! I hope you like it and can use it! ^_^ I did everything with PS CS2.

We are going from
Image Hosted by to Image Hosted by

- Do the steps you always do(Open Picture, resize..blabla)

- Sharpen your image (I did just once but if your pictures needs to be more clear just do twice)
- Duplicate Base and set it to Screen 50%
- Do a new Layer and fill it with #0a0d73. Set it to Exclusion 100%
- Another new Layer filled with #7e0616 and set to Saturation 50%
- Duplicate Base again and bring it on Top. Set it to Soft Light 50%

Next Steps are for you can do many variations
I used this Pattern File made by ? Image Hosted by and set it to Screen 50%

Decorate as you like.

Finish! ^^
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